Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies To Watch This Weekend

top scifi moviesHey guys, we are back with a list of ‘Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies To Watch This Weekend’, compiling the best sci-fi movies, rated by various surveys, and we found amazing movies, which can be your pick this weekend, sci fi refers to science-fiction, sci fi movies often are imaginary stories with or without graphics which enrich the watcher’s experience more powerful and amazing, scifi movies make watching experience more interesting if you are a tech savvy, with all those imaginary gadgets, or if you are a geek who knows a bit about space? or mutation? sci fi is for you! just get through this post for our combined list of top scifi movies

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Top 10 Sci-Fi Movies To Watch This Weekend

  1. Back To The Future(1985) :back_to_the_future_part_2_1 really? 1985?  yup this movie has it, one of the best known sci fi movies out there! and legend has it, this movie has inspired many creators to create imaginary tech stuff that never existed back then, for example auto-lacing shoes(now by nike) hoverboards, and other cool stuff, this movie is really a-must-watch for a sci fi movie lover, the movie is a combination of comedy,sci-fi,romance,action, it would have been a disaster but the director literally nailed the whole concept of futuristic tech and time travel, its really a movie worth watching.
  2. Matrix (1999) :maxresdefault  one of the worth mention movies, in this list, you must have already watched it but, this is really the best mind-boggling sci fi movie, with lots of sci fi stuff, the movie creates a vision of dystopian future, which is a simulated reality, with all sci fi stuff, the movie goes through these people using the matrix to reduce human population, while their brain waves are used as energy source, and the protagonist Neo, a programmer rebels this dream world, this is one of the must include movie in a sci-fi movies watch list,
  3. I, Robot (2004):i robot I ,robot  is movie based on robots with AI which takes up on a revenge on humans, based on dystopian concept ,this sci fi movie offers audience a great story, and amazing screenplay, Will smith plays a detective role as a protagonist, plays an eminent role saving the humans from robots with AI, which are based on three rules which overrules them
  4. Inception(2010) :inception-explained
    inception is the best mind-boggling, sci fi movie you can ever find, some don’t understand, some don’t care, this movie is the most watched sci fi movie of the decade, just because some don’t understand it once :P, Christopher Nolan just nailed it, DiCaprio plays the role of a thief who agrees on an assignment of an impossible task called inception, getting ‘erase of his criminal record as payment, he agrees to do it, what happens next is left to your watch 😉
  5. The Imitation Game(2014) :imitation game  when it comes to sci fi movies, we come across various imaginary stories and stuff, I know some of you may seem to be confused why this movie is in a sci fi movie list, but it is really worth of all the computer stuff in it and makes it really great movie to watch with a bit of science in it, the movie revolves around a real story of how Alan Turing a mathematician figures out Enigma code which was found to be unbreakable, designed by Germans to send secret messages, he builds a machine to crack it, Bennecdict Cumberbatch is really well-off to the part of Alan Turing, and made the movie more enjoyable!
  6. Edge of Tomorrow(2014) :Edge-of-Tomorrow-Wallpapers this scifi movie is also known as Live. Die. Repeat. with the tagline you must have already understood, its Tom cruise, defending alien race 😛 well if you couldn’t guess then you should probably watch it once!
  7. Interstellar(2014):2014-11-04-interstellar2.thm_ (1) one of my personal favorite, as this is a must watch movie for a space lover, this movie is one of the quality sci-fi movies out there, it captures,emotion,glory and an interesting story, with a good hold to it,
  8. Ender’s Game(2013):EndersGame a sci fi movie based on aliens, and game, a kid who is deviated to destroy a planet, without knowing it, its really a worth a watch  movie to be specific,
  9. Gravity(2013)filmz.ru:  known as one of the best sci fi movies of 2013, gravity is a great space movie to watch, apart from other sci-fi movies this movie is really high budgeted movie with lots of work on screen play, so this is really a wortha watch movie
  10. The Martian(2015):the-martian a sci fi movie about a man who was left out ion mars, well what more to expect?  the martian is one of the best space movie i have personally watched, it is still a bummer why its in end of the list, though just ignore the list, if you are a sci fi movie and space movie lover this is an awesome space movie with great screenplay, and worth your watch time.


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well I know some are really excited to watch some of these sci-fi movies this weekend , and some might be wondering why some movies that they know is not on list, so if you are the second one please be kind enough to add it in comments so that we can update it after wards 😉 show us your love by sharing it all over social networks!


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