Rakhi Sawant Asks PM Modi To Ban Ceiling Fans Which Causes Suicides: Pratyusha Banerjee’s Death

Rakhi_sawanth_pratyusha baneerjee

Rakhi_sawanth_pratyusha baneerjeehola! we are back with a new buzz around the bollywood! this time its Rakhi Sawant, Who asked PM Modi to Ban ceiling fans accusing it as a major threat to suicides, we all know none of that makes sense, but according to her, the recent death of Late.Pratyusha Banerjee was caused due to ceiling fans, its really sad to know that Prathyusha Banerjee’s suicide and tragic death has been used to showcase, “so-called celebs” fame on Media.

Rather it be Dolly Bindra or Ajjaz Khan, or in this case Rakhi Sawant, it is really sad to know that these Ex-bigboss contestants, or celebrities are trying to grab media’s attention by misusing Pratyusha Banerjee’s death, Rakhi Sawant reportedly held a press conference, claiming that she had gathered some secrets, or clues of Pratyusha Banerjee’s death, In Mumbai the press conference was held, claiming she had some clues to spill about the case, in the havoc, She quoted, asking Pm Narendra Modi to Ban ceiling fans, as they were the main cause of suicides, now that’s not only insane but really humorous, taking the point that she tried to say if there are no fans then there will be no suicides, claiming this nonsense she also gave some statements regarding to Pratyusha Banerjee’s personal life:

  1. “Agar sacha pyar karta toh mobile leke kyu bhag gaya aur abhi media ke samne ro kyun raha hai!” : “if it was true love why did he take mobile and ran away, why is he crying in front of media today(disregarding Rahul, Pratyusha Banerjee’s Lover)
  2. “Hamko ek video mila hain hain jo hum crime branch mein denge aur sab sach samne aa jayega!”:”reportedly she has a video tape which contains the truth,which she will submit to crime branch(if the video is really with her why didn’t she disclose to media?)
  3. ” video hi sabut hai ise hi sab kuch samne aajayega” : “the video contains truth, the truth will be disclosed soon (which truth exactly?) “
  4. “Govt, Pratyusha ki family ko compensation de kumse kum 5 crore.” The Govt. should give Pratyusha’s Family minimum of 5crores as compensation”
  5. “sabhi log Hindustan ki beti ko support kijiiye!” “everyone support india’s daughter”
  6. “mein innocent hoon…main desh ki beti hoon and hindustan ki seva karna chahhti hoon!” “ I am innocent,I am India’s daughter, and I want to serve India (self-proclaiming that she’s innocent she ended her speech)

Rather the fact that these celebrities, try to encapture emotions and turn them into their fame, we at Muveej deeply condole Pratyusha Banerjee’s death and hope the almighty give her parents all the strength in the world,

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She actually responded to media of the joke


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