“IT” movie review : Clowns are not always funny . 

– Review by Shivam Bajpai

Well , at the very starting of this review i would like to mention that “IT” is a “Must Watch” , Oh ! You seem to raise your eyebrow and ask WHY ?

Well , for the sole fact that this movie is kind of a fresh vibe in the environment where cheap scares and half baked scripts are being served to us in the name of Horror .

“It” has a tight script and some genuine spine chilling moments which will not just scare you but will shake you inside out .

Story : The premise is based on Stephen King’s breathtaking 1100 page novel “IT” .

The movie starts with a six year old boy Georgie ( played by adorable Jackson Scott) being given a paper boat by his elder brother Bill (played by Jaeden Liberher) , as Georgie goes out in the rain to make his paper boat afloat on the water , he ends up meeting Pennywise the dancing clown also known as IT (played by the terrefic Bill Skarsgard) . Pennywise grabs Georgie’s attention and pulls him in the sewer and captures him .

The story flash forwards a few months and we see Georgie’s elder brother Bill being depressed thinking about his brother , thus he decides to make a team (named as “The Losers Club”) with his fellow friends and go on a quest to find Georgie .

Rest of the film depicts the team’s journey to find Georgie from the hands of Pennywise .

What is HOT ?

Where should i start from ? Is it the powerful screenplay or the acting prowess of the cast ? Is it the mind blowing background score or the cinematography that tends to create an environment of tension ?

The USP of “IT” is that it falls under both genres – a riveting Drama and the horror and it excels in both .

The drama makes you feel for the characters and connect with their emotions and the horror makes you jump out of your seat , thus making a applaud worthy watch .

I was surprised to see the humour being put in a horror film – sheer intelligence . Yes , there are moments which would chuckle you as well and it would never feel odd or something .

Talking about the performances , Bill Skarsgard takes the cake as the creepy clown . His scary smile is sure a nightmare for the faint hearted .

If we talk about direction , Andy Muschietti handles the film with extreme care . After an uninspiring Mama “IT” gave him a chance to shine and oh boy ! How bright he was . Giving out drama , horror , humour and thrill with a fantastic background score and all in the right proportion is what a genius filmmaker can do and he does the same . Kudos to the man !

What is NOT ?

Well , apart from some scenes which seem unnecessary IT has nothing bad to complain about , it satisfies you (just your hunger for good films , nothing else) *winks* .


IT is a must watch for its refreshing story , some genuine shout your heart out moments and some mindblowing performances .

One of the best films to have come this year .


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